China 100% Polyester Sewing Thread factory

Products type : Jean sewing thread
Component : 100% polyester
Type : 20S/3
Count : 20
Strand : 3
Color : color,thousands of color refer to color card
Usable range : jeans wear, baby carriages, sofa, tent, shoes, hat, leather
Payment : Prepay 30% deposit, the rest will be paid before shipment
Specialty: Resistance to abrasion, bleaching and other detergents, excellent colour fastness, high strength, which ensures excellent seamability and prevents skipping.
what’s the means of 20/3 ?
or what’s the effect of count and strand of thread on the thickness?
Tips : “20” present count, “3” present is strand. when the count is same , the strand is greater, the sewing thread is more thicker. When the strand is same , the count is greater, the thread is more thin. so the thickness compare : 20/3>20/2>40/3>40/2>60/3>60/2 ,the thicker of thread ,the stronger.China 100% Polyester Sewing Thread factory